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alice nine. ♥

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~linh takashima huynh
what about me? I love jrock with all my heart. alice nine. is my favorite band, as you might be able to see. Second is the GazettE, 'cause Uruha's creamy thighs beat nearly everything except, of course, Saga's delicious body.
But of course, I don't love only alice nine. and gazetto. Obviously. I could list the bands, but the names would just go on and on and on and on and on.. just like that. times infinite. DX;;;

Okay, enough fangirling. :P

I am 17 years old. I am capable of holding an intelligent conversation, but I can be silly, too. Which I am a lot. Most people only see my silly side, but.. yeah. :D I'm friendly and open to all new things. So, go ahead. Add me. Get to know me. Teach me.
major interests
jrock ; food ; nao ; learning ; ice cream ; uruha ; internet ; aoi ; jpop ; uverworld ; tora ; lolita ; x japan ; angelic pretty ; fashion ; shou ; being adorable ; plastic tree ; kai ; asian dramas ; video games ; hiroto ; rainbows ; bubble tea ; hello! project ; reita ; ayabie ; saga ; techno music ; decora ; c-ute ; swimming ; talking ; great deals ; hide ; morning musume ; ruki ; avatar based forums ; politeness ; candy ; friends ; yumehito ; happiness in general ; lm.c ; tons more
do not add me if
you do not plan on talking to me.
you cannot type in proper English to me. I do not under you 1f u t4Lk lYk3 d1S. lawlz.
are going to be undeservingly rude towards any of my interests. If you plan on making a snide comment, then go do it elsewhere with your little skank friends who like to put other people down.

I hate stereotypes. although some may be true, don't judge by a book by it's cover. Ever.

by the way, I'm marrying Uruha. Don't add me if you plan on interfering with Uruha and my relationship. ;D
lalala omg wtf. D8;;

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